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How to Clean Your Baby’s Teeth

Milk teeth will go away and get replaced with permanent teeth. But care of baby teeth is as important, perhaps even more, than caring for permanent teeth. It is important that you train your children into good dental hygiene habits so that they can take good care of permanent teeth.The two most important habits to develop are daily brushing (twice a day), and visiting the dentist regularly, (twice a year).

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is the most important single activity in oral hygiene. It is important to know and teach the babies how to clean their teeth. The following lines will give you some useful and relevant information.

·         Choosing a tooth brush- tooth brushes for babies are dainty and attractive. Choose a brush size according to age of your baby, and with soft bristles. It is safer if it has the ADA seal of approval.

·         Choosing a toothpaste-Children’s tooth pastes are also special, with very attractive flavors, beautiful packing. An ADA approved paste or gel with fluoride should normally be purchased.  It is better if the baby’s choice is accommodated.

·         Brushing:

o   Brush at least twice a day, preferably after every meal

o   For younger children brush their teeth yourself. Encourage older children to brush under your supervision. As they grow up ensure they do it themselves, at least twice a day.

o   Use a brush motion parallel to length of teeth (vertical).

o   Start from the right end of the upper jaw on the outside to the left end. Then on the inside from left to right. Do the same for the lower teeth.

o   If brushing is not possible after a meal, a vigorous mouth rinse should be done.


By inculcating good dental hygiene habits into your children, you will make sure that they will remain fit and healthy throughout life.