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Pediatric Dentistry

Why the pediatric specialization?

Have you ever wondered why dentists need specialized training and certification before they can treat your child? Because, children are human beings still in the growing stage. They are weak, sensitive, and vulnerable. They need special care in treating and handling. The dentist must know about oral problems of children, and must also know quite a lot about child psychology.

Why care for temporaryteeth of Your Children?

That is a very pertinent question. The answer is that milk teeth co-exist with some permanent teeth for quite a few years. If milk teeth are diseased and not treated, they can pass the disease on to permanent teeth. Milk teeth are also place holders for some permanent teeth which will grow in the sockets vacated by milk teeth. And very importantly, milk teeth give your baby a chance to learn oral hygiene habits before he or she has to care for permanent teeth which are irreplaceable.

Pediatric dentistry services

A pediatric dentist hasmultiple roles: dental examination, advisory, and operative.

·         Dental examination- Regular dental examination visitsare necessary to avoid problems. The first visit should take place within six months from the eruption of the first teeth. The other two roles will stem from the results of the dental examination.

·         Advisory- After examination,  the dentist will render advice which, if utilized properly, will prevent most complications. Advice will include how to clean children’s teeth, how to handle the special problems of the teething period, habit formation, and healthy diets.

·         Operative-during the examination if the dentist detects early signs of decay, he may give the child fluoride treatment. He can apply dental sealants and perform extraction of supernumerary teeth, fillings, and treatment of accidental injuries, etc.


Remember, start taking care of your child’s teeth right from the day the first tooth erupts. If you do that, your child will never have any dental problem throughout life!