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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is a dental procedure that involves the removal of plaque and calcified deposits on your teeth. This is done to restore your oral and prevent gum and periodontal problems.

When Is Professional Teeth Cleaning Required?

If you brush and floss your teeth regularly, then you will normally need to undergo teeth cleaning by a dentist. However, teeth cleaning becomes necessary when you have plaque and calculus deposits on your teeth, which cause an inflammation of the gums. Generally, professional teeth cleaning may be required in the following conditions, when you have:

·         Swollen, red gums

·         Bleeding from your gums

·         Plaque and calculus deposits on your teeth

·         Recession of your gums due to gingivitis

·         Mobile teeth

·         Bad breath

How is Professional Teeth Cleaning Performed?

Professional teeth cleaning is performed with the help of manual and powered scalers. The function of scalers is to remove plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth. This procedure is carried out in the following steps:

·         Pain Relief – to make you comfortable, your dentist will apply an anesthetic soaked gauze over your gums. This is done to reduce pain and discomfort while teeth deposits are being removed. The anesthetic also prevents excessive bleeding from the gums.

·         Plaque and Calculus Removal – nowadays, ultrasonic hand scalers are being used widely for plaque and calculus removal. The tip of a powered scaler vibrates at ultrasonic frequency, which helps in efficient cleansing of the teeth and gum pockets.

·         Bleeding Control – once the procedure is complete, your dentist will control the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, the patient is sent home.

What to Expect After Professional Teeth Cleaning?


It is common to have slight pain, sensitivity and discomfort in your gums and teeth after teeth cleaning. Your dentist will give you a pain-killer to reduce pain and inflammation. Sensitivity of the teeth usually fades away within 2-3 days.