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What you Need to Know About Gums and Their Problems

Info About the Gums

The color, shape and length of your gums are important factors that determine your facial esthetic smile. However, did you know that in addition to improving your smile and looks, gums are also essential for ensuring the health of your natural teeth and jaw bone? Let’s look at what gums are, and why they play an essential role in providing optimal dental hygiene.

Role of Teeth Gums in Maintaining Optimal Dental Health?

Your gums are the tough, thick pink tissues that cover the entire jaw bone and partially cover your teeth. Our gums have the following functions inside the oral cavity:

·         Facial Esthetics – imagine what would our teeth look like, if we did not have any gums? One of the most important functions of the gums is to make you look beautiful by improving your smile.

·         Protection – our gums are attached to the teeth and the underlying jaw bone with the help of various fibers. This arrangement prevents food impaction between the gums and teeth, thereby preventing different types of gingival and periodontal problems.

Why is it Important to Clean your Gums While Brushing?


If you do not clean your gums while brushing your teeth, food particles can get embedded inside the gums, and create “pockets”, which promote further food impaction and bacterial penetration. This results in the inflammation of the gums. If the condition is not corrected in time, it can cause an irreversible damage to the gums and the jaw bones. Therefore, you should take care of your oral hygiene, especially your teeth and gums, if you want to enjoy a perfect dental and physical health.