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Do you feel shy in speaking and smiling in public, just because you’re afraid that you will expose your stained and crooked teeth? Then we have good news for you! Now you can get your smile back with the help of dental veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells made of tooth colored dental porcelains or composites, that are attached to the front surface of the crooked and permanently stained teeth. They function by restoring the structure, function and esthetics of chipped and discolored teeth.

Who can Benefit from Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are ideal for the correction of following esthetic dental problems:

·         Permanently Stained Teeth – esthetics of permanently stained teeth can be effectively restored by attaching dental veneers over them.

·         Excessive Teeth Gaps –excessive gap between adjacent teeth, also known as a diastema can be cosmetically restored with the help of dental veneers.

·         Chipped or Crooked Teeth – veneers can also be used to restore the structure and function of crooked, chipped or fractured teeth.

Why are Veneers Better Than Fillings?

Veneers are basically indirect tooth fillings and prepared in the laboratory. This means that they possess better esthetics and durability in comparison to the restorative materials that are applied directly onto the teeth at the dental chairside. Hence, they are better than teeth fillings in terms of strength and appearance

How are Veneers Prepared?

Your dentist will remove a thin layer of your natural teeth, to create room for the placement of veneers. An impression of the prepared teeth is made and then sent to the dental laboratory. The prepared veneers which are received from the laboratory will first be tried onto your teeth without permanent bonding them. When their fit and esthetics are found to be satisfactory, they will be permanently attached to the teeth with the help of an adhesive cement.