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Do you want to enjoy a perfect, Hollywood smile? Then you should consider getting lumineers to enhance your facial esthetic and smile. Lumineers are the latest that cosmetic dentistry offers for the restoration of your smile and looks!

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are like dental veneers, only much more esthetic, functional and durable. They are basically ultra-thin wafers that are directly attached to front surfaces of teeth for the restoration of various cosmetic defects. Lumineers are extremely thin, usually 0.2 mm thick, and therefore can be easily bonded to the teeth without removal of natural tooth structure. 


Lumineers have multiple advantages over the veneers which have made them so popular in cosmetic dentistry.

·         Speed of installation- The process of tooth preparation and lumineer installation is faster.Only two visits are required, with second one being just about an hour. In addition, no temporaries are needed and you can get a new smile within just an hour!

·         Minimally invasive technique- Because of the advanced digital techniques used in their preparation lumineers can be made much thinner and with a better fit. This means that there will be:

o   Less tooth preparation, i.e., less natural tooth structure needs to be removed

o   There are less chances of tooth sensitivity.

o   No requirement for anesthesia

o   Lumineers can be removed if,and when you do not want them anymore. That is because the teeth are almost in the same condition as before their application.


·         Esthetics- Lumineers are ultra-thin, and translucent. Thus, they provide far superior esthetics in comparison to the dental veneers and other cosmetic dental restorations.