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Dental Jewelry

Do you want your teeth to sparkle whenever you speak or smile? Cosmetic dentistry has made that possible for you as well, thanks to dental jewelry!

What is Dental Jewelry

Keeping in view your need to look beautiful and to impress people with your charming smile, specially designed jewels are attached to teeth, so that whenever you light hit your teeth, they sparkle like diamonds! Jewels that are used in dentistry include various types of glass crystals, real 18K and 18 or 24K white gold.

What’s So Special About the Dental Jewels?

At the back side of dental jewels, they are coated with a thin layer of aluminum foil. In this way, they can reflect light and produce a brilliant luster.

How are Teeth Jewels Attached to Teeth?

Basically, jewels are bonded to the tooth structure. The process involves the following steps:

·         Tooth Demineralization – Your cosmetic dentist will first apply an etchant on the surface of your teeth to partially demineralize the tooth structure. The etchant is washed away after about 30 seconds, and the tooth is completely dried.

·         Application of Bonding Agent – next, a thin layer of a bonding will be applied to the teeth and polymerized with the help of a visible light source.

·         Attachment of the Jewels – once the bonding agent has been polymerized, your dentist will apply flowable composite on your teeth. The jewel will then be carefully picked up and pressed onto the composite, followed by visible light polymerization. In this way, the jewel gets bonded to the tooth structure, and will be only removed when you want them to.

So, are you ready to impress people with your sparkling smile? Visit your cosmetic dentist today to get a beautiful new smile with dental jewels.